Bad time management or lack of kindness?

I don’t know if it is a common phenomenon or an isolated incident, but this research truly shocked me. To give you a bit of a background before I unfold the horror story, let me tell you about the research in question. I was tasked with conducting psychological research in pre and post natal developments. I sat for three days, painstakingly creating the surveys. I methodically went back and forth with my boss and mentor and developed what I could call my first ‘big girl’ survey. Until then, my only experience creating surveys would be feedback forms or basic questions I would post on Instagram on politics and opinions.

Once I created the survey, I had to send it out (obviously) and very enthusiastically, I sent it on the Shishu Puram Facebook group. I thought the answers would just come floating in. But when two days passed and I received no response, I decided to try another tactic- send the questionnaire via email. When that too didn’t work, I posted it again on the group and then multiple WhatsApp groups. I even went so far as to create a Facebook account, join five pregnancy groups on Facebook and even try to personally message people to take my survey! And the result? Well, since none of you can see the interpretations on the website or on a blog post, let me just say, I could call myself a misanthrope with no shame.

Perhaps I can console myself by saying that I was doing it on a smaller scale. It was my first experience trying to get people to take a survey. After a while, the enthusiasm with which I opened the forms melted away to reveal disappointment and remorse. I couldn’t understand why people wouldn’t take three to four minutes of their time to answer a person’s survey. If I had to give such a survey in college with my final project marks depending on it, I for sure, would have failed. And since in this study I had nothing, I bore my just fruits and came back empty handed but with an enriched experience.

But delving into a more practical approach, I can’t blame people without understanding why they didn’t take the survey. As a student, my resume literally calls for curiosity and so I embarked on a new journey with this blog post. Why weren’t people willing to take my survey? Was my survey not well written? Did it make people uncomfortable? Perhaps I would try and create another survey to figure that bit out, but I have come up with some reason which I hope will satiate the disappointment in myself.

Firstly, we need to take into account the target group. My target group was pregnant ladies and parents with toddlers. It is a relatively smaller group compared to any other wide scale survey created. But I ruled out this possibility as I joined five pregnancy groups with a minimum of 1K members. Secondly, we could look at the time aspect. People may not have had enough time to take the survey. It could also be a possibility that they didn’t even have time to check their Facebook or Whatsapp. This is, according to me, the biggest reason why. But never fear because I have some solutions. If we could normalize taking surveys or helping people out, we could perhaps divert our attention and time to those surveys instead of pointlessly scrolling through the explore page and watching 5-minute-crafts videos that we will never recreate.

Maybe, an increased awareness of the benefits of such studies could urge people to take surveys so they can make not just their experience but also, the future generations’ experiences better and more enhanced.

Before I bid adieu, I may have written this post in a fit of rage which isn’t something to teach the younger generation. I may have been extremely annoyed with people for not taking my survey and it became personal. But I learnt some very important things.

People have their own reasons for not taking out time to help someone else, but is this really the values you want to teach your children? Play arcade games instead of helping clean the beach? Watch videos instead of walking someone’s dog? The question I leave you with is, are you managing your time in the right way for the right things or do you need a little more kindness to nudge you in the right direction? Whatever your answer may be, compare it with the future of parenting with the premium parenting course at Shishu Puram and ask yourself the question before and after attending the program. I guarantee the answers will be different.

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