Did Covid-19 hit humans or humanity?

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has affected 152,875,042 people globally (according to John Hopkins University) with more people being affected everyday. This disease is one of the most fast spread diseases that we have had to face. With the onslaught of the pandemic there are a lot of changes being made so as to curb the spread of the disease. From the use of masks to social distancing etc there are a lot of ways to flatten the curve.

As we are living in this pandemic, people are becoming more and more selfish. With people hoarding groceries and sanitizing products so that they are protected during the lockdown, so much so that people who are in desperate need of food and doctors and hospitals are unable to get these products to the patients and vulnerable people.

With each passing day, as the number of cases increase, people with the virus are being treated as just another statistic in the whole lot. Patients are being forgotten by their families and have lost support systems and can only count on hospitals to give them the amount of care they need.

Our health system is severely under equipped and lives are being lost. Apart from the virus, the panic and fear mongering being spread by us only worsens the situation as patients get more worked up and feel like they won’t be able to take on the virus.

When people who have been affected by the virus are being abandoned by their own families, their mental health has obviously been affected. While going on through this pandemic and hearing the news of daily cases and Covid-19 related deaths is scary, we have to remember it is even worse for the patients. We must treat the patients with empathy and do what we can to help them keep a positive mindset to help them during their recovery period.

In Andhra Pradesh, the family of a Covid-19 patient was facing social boycott by everyone in the village. This meant they found a lot of trouble finding help and treatment of the patient among other trouble they faced. People have been abandoned by their own family and left without any support to just find their own way once they have contracted the virus. Sons and daughters abandoning parents who have cared for them since their birth just because they have tested positive. This just shows us how we’ve lost all sense of human empathy and refuse to care for anyone from our family to our friends.

By being empathetic towards patients and doing what we can to help them can lift their spirits and make them feel better mentally so that they focus on their recovery. People avoiding patients completely and making them feel unwanted can make them give up hopes of recovery.

Having cheerful conversations with them and bringing a little humour and joy in their life during this bleak situation makes them feel more wanted and will take their mind off the unnecessary stress that they face. Talking to patients on video calls, texting them etc can help them feel more connected to the people around them. Human connection is so important, it can truly do wonders for people who feel anxious and stressed out. Though we must do what we can to help patients who are in the recovery period, we must keep in mind that people who have already recovered are still treated without basic human courtesy.

On June 8th 2020, a Covid-19 patient in Madhya Pradesh was chained to his bed without any regard to his health. This case only illustrates how ill treated Covid-19 patients are in society. People have lost all sense of humanity. In our current climate, people who have recovered have not been given any jobs as many people lost their jobs because of testing positive for the virus. Oftentimes, the breadwinner of the family ends up losing their job and they have no way of supporting their family. And yet in such situations, people who can help choose not to, so as to “protect” themselves.

Covid-19 has affected 1% of the population resulting in deaths, it has reduced the immunity of around 20% of the population but it has resulted in 90% of us losing our humanity.

Covid-19 may have taken a hit on us humans but it is our humanity that is also being tested right now and by treating them with empathy can also help the patients get better. Though people test positive, all is not lost, their recovery is the most important.

Patients are not just another number for the Covid-19 statistics, they are humans before they are just a number.

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