Did Covid-19 hit humans or humanity?

The ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 has affected 152,875,042 people globally (according to John Hopkins University) with more people being affected everyday. This disease is one of the most fast spread diseases that we have had to face. With the onslaught of the pandemic there are a lot of changes being made so as to curb the spread of the disease. From the use of masks to social distancing etc there are a lot of ways to flatten the curve.

As we are living in this pandemic, people are becoming more and more selfish. With people hoarding groceries and sanitizing products so that they are protected during the lockdown, so much so that people who are in desperate need of food and doctors and hospitals are unable to get these products to the patients and vulnerable people.

With each passing day, as the number of cases increase, people with the virus are being treated as just another statistic in the whole lot. Patients are being forgotten by their families and have lost support systems and can only count on hospitals to give them the amount of care they need.

Our health system is severely under equipped and lives are being lost. Apart from the virus, the panic and fear mongering being spread by us only worsens the situation as patients get more worked up and feel like they won’t be able to take on the virus.