Is online schooling the future?

With the increasing number of Covid-19 cases, most schools have taken their teaching online to not waste time and to start ahead with portions. There are many different types of learners and for some children, online schooling is great and helps them learn flexibly and allows them to take more charge of their learning but for some, it can be hard for them to adjust to such a new way of education in a short amount of time. It also can be hard for them to pay attention online as there may be a disconnect between the teacher and the students.

Since the topic is so polarising, we've come up with a few pros and cons to consider regarding different aspects that online schooling affects and their effects on children.

Mental aspects: Online school can be mentally stimulating for children as it helps them learn concepts over various mediums, learning through graphics and videos can make concepts much easier to understand and this boosts memory and retention.It also prepares them for their future by exposing them to technology which will help them take on corporate jobs. Learning material and other resources are widely available which encourages self study, which can help children learn the way they are comfortable, thereby increasing interest and attention.

On the flip side, since online school is something so new, it can b