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Every now and then we see people around us dealing with burnout or struggling with productivity. We have had to deal with low concentration levels and stress, it’s a common occurrence in our day to day lives. To deal with all of these confusing feelings, and finding an efficient way to achieve our dreams, we need to practice Niksen.

What is Niksen?

Niksen is a Dutch term and an author has presented her book, Niksen: The Dutch Art Of Doing Nothing. Carolien Janssen defines Niksen as “similar to mindfulness, yet you don’t need anything special to do nothing. ”If you want to practice it, she writes, “slow down and celebrate the moment of not achieving.”

Not to be confused with mindfulness, Niksen is in fact more of mindlessness. It is a conscious decision to allow your mind to disengage so that it may wander. This state of mindlessness is similar to meditation and allows us time and space to unwind and relax from external and internal stressors. This time is beneficial for mental rejuvenation and a great time to take some time to think about your dreams and aspirations.

Who should practice Niksen?

Only the people who have time to dream about their aspirations can actually take time to make that a reality. A state of Niksen gives us an opportunity to really focus on our dreams and make them a reality.

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Overstimulation causes health hazards

Without Niksen and other similar meditations we are always overstimulated and our brains don’t have time to process all the information being presented to us. This can cause headaches, migraines and even increase the chances of suffering a heart attack.

What can we learn from children?

Children are almost always in a state of Niksen and why their imagination often runs wild. They are barely under pressure and almost always believe in themselves. Children are attuned to be that way and they dream big. But as they grow older, the worldly pressures take away the pleasure of dreaming big and they are often exposed to the negatives of performance and results.

How can parents help?

For children to achieve these dreams, they need the support of their parents, when children come to the parents with dreams that seem unachievable, they must encourage them to give it a shot. Children are much more talented, smarter and capable than parents often give them credit for. They are likely to achieve all the dreams just if a supportive environment is provided.

If parents give their children even 10-15 minutes a day with no activities so that they can sit and reach a state of niksen can help children sit with their dreams and give them ideas to act on these dreams. It also improves their concentration and motivation to achieve their dreams.

Niksen is a beneficial practice and increases productivity in both parents and children, so the next time you or your child feels burnt out, tired or stressed, taking a few minutes to just clear your mind can be a great way to overcome challenges.

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