What is Child care

Is child care giving a safe birth?

Is child care providing the best toys or clothes?

Is child care taking care of baby’s health and vaccinate her regularly?

Is child care providing full time help to your baby?

Is child care protecting your child from hazards?

Is child care admitting your child to the best activities/school?

All the above mentioned self pondering questions may or may not be important to your baby, but are your priority. Then what is child care for the child? Let’s find out …

1. Being available for the child

2. Play with your child

3. Communicate feelings to your child

4. Include your child in your routine

5. Involve in child growth and development

6. Align your priorities with your child’s

7. Be the right example for your child

8. Enjoy your child’s company

Child care is indeed deeper than most of us know or give a thought to. It’s not just about birthing or providing, it is nurturing the environment in which she is growing.

Child care is not restricted to mother-child attachment but is way beyond. It implies to foster incremental developmental progress in a healthy and safe environment considering the interests of the child and her individual abilities. Of course, you have professionals doing this, but it’s not their child, it’s their business. But for parents, it’s a lifetime achievement to nurture their child in the most desired ways in the changing times.

So Parents!! All the best…..

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