When Nature responds

Humans have time and time again been known to destroy the natural habitat around them. From deforestation to make space for commercial activities and the growing population to industries polluting the air and rivers nearby just out of convenience. There have been many instances of us just destroying our ecosystem for the convenience of mankind.

Environmental degradation is the deterioration (causing degenerative harm) of the environment through exhaustion of natural assets such as water, soil, and air including the ecosystem, habitat intrusion, wildlife extermination, and environmental pollution.

Almost all degradation caused to the environment can be traced back to humans. Most of these are interrelated such as deforestation can increase Ozone layer depletion which causes global warming, this melts the ice caps which results in loss of habitat for different species from polar bears to penguins. When the animals start losing their habitat, they end up dying and with the death of animals we can expect the condition of humans to deteriorate.

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From pollution of water to pollution of air, the quality of air and water we use for day to day activities has started to become poor and with further pollution it can cause diseases. Nature has its way of showing us that humans have been destroying Earth and that can be the downfall of us the human race. From earthquakes, floods, famines, droughts, to cyclones, volcanic eruptions etc Nature has shown us her wrath.

Humans have been so dependent on pesticides which destroys the natural fauna and even reduces our immunity that we have become reliant on antibiotics and medicine for the slightest of pain. With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it is easy to see how the virus keeps mutating into something stronger because of environmental conditions.

These mutations and the nature of the virus itself is just another way of Mother Nature showing us how she can fight back against the way we have been treating our environment. With the amount of species becoming endangered and extinct because of our greed and convenience, it will only be a matter of time before we are faced with similar fates. It might be through natural disasters like earthquakes and floods but it could also be deadly diseases or global warming.

It is important that we wake up right now, and do our best to practise a sustainable lifestyle that can not only help us, but also all life forms around us. Only when we are faced with mass destruction will we realise how selfish we as a race have been. Humans have to wake up and take responsibility by doing whatever little we can to try and help the environment before it gets so bad that it is too late to fix it.

Without the life of a single species of insects, the quality of life we have becomes worse but without the life of humans, every species from flora to fauna would thrive.

We must remember we need nature more than nature needs us.

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