When Nature responds

Humans have time and time again been known to destroy the natural habitat around them. From deforestation to make space for commercial activities and the growing population to industries polluting the air and rivers nearby just out of convenience. There have been many instances of us just destroying our ecosystem for the convenience of mankind.

Environmental degradation is the deterioration (causing degenerative harm) of the environment through exhaustion of natural assets such as water, soil, and air including the ecosystem, habitat intrusion, wildlife extermination, and environmental pollution.

Almost all degradation caused to the environment can be traced back to humans. Most of these are interrelated such as deforestation can increase Ozone layer depletion which causes global warming, this melts the ice caps which results in loss of habitat for different species from polar bears to penguins. When the animals start losing their habitat, they end up dying and with the death of animals we can expect the condition of humans to deteriorate.

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